Where to Buy

Starting March 2019, my sourdough bread will be available to purchase at Fresh and Local Farm Outlet in Calgary AB. Located at 9250 Macleod Trail South.

Darrell and Marilyn, the owners at Fresh and Local, live and breathe education of local and clean eating. When their store first opened, I would walk in and Darrell would tell me exactly what time that morning the fresh peas were picked as he was stocking his shelves. You don’t get that anywhere else. Marilyn is a wealth of knowledge about all of the local products including their nutrition and health benefits. They pick the best product for their store, from local producers, for the people of Calgary, and offer it at a reasonable price. Something has been lost in the big box grocery stores, and it is wonderful to see the bustle of people entering their shop to pick up their favorites and try something new while supporting local business from the area.

I feel honored to be a part of this food movement.

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