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This page will list my top recommended baking supplies for sourdough. I have been getting a lot of questions over the last month as the COVID-19 situation has progressed and seems a lot of people want to learn how to bake bread but not sure what they need.


These are my current top books for learning to make sourdough bread. Every baker has their own method from milling flour and mixing to scoring and baking their loaves. If you are new to making sourdough, I recommend to pick a book and read it front to back. Learn that bakers technique and implement those into your baking practices. I would go through a book a month. It boggled my mind how every baker was so different but over time you learn what works for you.

This is a great first book for sourdough baking. Basic loaves, simple technique and gives you a variety of bread types to make.

Now you are getting into more whole-grains and rustic looking loaves. Loved this book! Simple and lets you explore some of your own preferred ratios in the recipes. I would recommend that you have successfully baked a couple loaves before diving into this one.

Another no-nonsense book for bread baking. This is a full foundation for bread baking in general. Wonderful cottage baker with a great story.

I don’t think this book gets enough credit. This book has an easy lay out and tons and tons of photos for step by step.

A classic. Many consider this the be all, end of the sourdough movement. It is more technical with more story. I would recommend this for someone that has already baked a few loaves.

Classic sciencey text book guide to bread baking. More technical. I use this as a text book to reference certain techniques and approaches.

Culture Care

Basic tools to grow and maintain your sourdough culture.

OXO Spatulas

Best firm spatula that I have found for stirring. Keeps jar sides clean so you can see the level of your starter

1 Liter glass jars

Wide mouth jars are perfect for storing your sourdough culture. Easy for feeding. 1 liter will meet your needs.

Mixing & Shaping

Ateco Dough Scraper

Best scraper that I have found in North America. It is firm but flexible. I use this exclusively for mixing, shaping and cutting dough. Indispensable most used tool in my kitchen

Stainless Steel Bench Scraper

Nice to have but not necessary. Used for cutting and shaping dough.

Digital Kitchen Scale

I like this scale because it can weigh up to 22lbs of ingredients. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require specialty batteries.

Mason Cash Mixing Bowl

Favorite mixing bowl. Any ceramic, glass or stainless steel bowl will work.

Jamie Oliver Acacia Mixing spoons.

Sturdy mixing spoons. Can’t tell you how many spoons I’ve broken over the years.


Flour Sack Towels

I have at least two dozen that I use in my kitchen. I first purchased 3 years ago and have yet to throw one out. I have been impressed with how durable they are. They get better with each washing.

Baking Couche

Nice to have but not necessary unless you are getting into advanced French and Italian breads.

Bees Wax Wrap

Best Eco-friendly re-usable bowl covers. I use these during bulk fermentation and the final proof.

8.5 Inch Round Proofing Basket

This size will be suitable to most loaf sizes that you will make. This will wick moisture and cradle the loaf gently as it does it’s final proof.

10 Inch Oval Proofing Basket

This is my go to basket. Many people like oval shaped loaves because they will fit better in the toaster.

Score & Bake

Utopia Kitchen Combo Cooker

Not sure if you are ready to invest a lot into bread baking? This is a cost effective combo cooker for baking bread. It is entry level. I’ve had mine 4 years and as long as you know how to properly care for cast-iron this is all you will need. It will trap the steam and create beautiful golden and glossy loaves of bread.


Nice to have but not necessary. A scoring tool will be your best friend when it comes to precision and uniform cuts on your loaf. If you are serious about bread baking, invest in a bread lame. This comes with everything you need for scoring.

Instant Read Thermometer.

Entry level instant read thermometer. I haven’t had complaints the last two years. It reads the temperature and has withstood my abuse in the kitchen.

Pizza Craft Baking Stone

I own 4 of these baking stones. If you want to bake multiple loaves in your oven on stone, this is the one to get. It fits almost the full size of the oven and is very thick for even heat distribution.

Lodge Combo Cooker

The Cadillac of combo cookers. Lodge brand has more advanced pre-seasoning. It is more expensive but you pay for what you get. It is still cast iron and needs to be treated with care and respect. This does the same thing the cost effective model does at a higher price.

Pre-cut Parchment Paper

This is just about convenience. Having pre-cut sheets of paper saves time and frustration when preparing your loaf to go in the oven. Fits perfectly in combo cookers and dutch ovens. A single sheet can be used multiple times.


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