The Baker

Hey!  I’m Kristen.  

I live in Calgary Alberta with my husband Patrick.  We love food.  That is an understatement.  Our world revolves around amazing food experiences and sharing that with others.

Three years ago I stumbled across the world of naturally leavened bread…and quite by accident.The second I saw a bubbling sourdough culture, I was hooked.  That was it.  I needed to know about this blob and how it could change my views on bread and gluten.  I became addicted. I was hungry for any and all information I could get my hands on so I could learn how to create Real bread.  Not the stuff in the grocery stores or even a lot of the independent bakeries and health food stores sell but real, wholesome, natural, simple bread. 

On this journey, I became very frustrated with the information out there.  There definitely wasn’t a lack of information, there was almost too much.   The issue was, how to put it all together.  There seemed to be a disconnect with videos and articles and books I’ve read. Most people that I’ve come into contact with don’t even know what a sourdough culture is.  I had never heard of a sourdough culture before this myself, and as a new person, I struggled with how all of the concepts fit together.  It was a rough 6 months of trial and error.  A lot of the websites or books that I read did not seem like they were for beginners.  There were a lot of complicated words laid out like an everyday person was expected to know what the author was talking about.  Unless you had experience speaking the language of bread as a professional from the food industry or from someone that taught you,  most people seem to be lost. 

My mission is to break all of the complicated information down.  I want everyone to know that making good wholesome bread doesn’t have to be complicated.  We, as humans have been baking bread for millennia.  So, with all this technology at our hands,  why should it be so complicated?    

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